Mailing List Etiquette

Be mindful of what you write. Not everyone will agree during discussions. Please be respectful of all opinions voiced on the lists.

Keep it professional. Personal criticisms and comments are not acceptable on the mailing lists.

Be clear. If you are replying to a particular post, note to whom you are replying and what it concerns. Include details from the original message that are pertinent to your post. Similarly, signatures and contact information following your post can be helpful.

Be considerate. We all make mistakes and we all have questions. The goal of the mailing lists is to share information and resources. Please refrain from sending condescending replies and remarks. 

Be aware of “reply” and “reply to all” functions. Before you press send, ensure that the appropriate individuals will be receiving your message.

Be aware of the purpose of the list. Only post messages that meet the common interests of list members.

Use clear and descriptive subject lines. Make it easy for list members to know the topic of your message.

Watch your language. Avoid religious and political comments. No profanity, please.

Avoid caps lock. It seems like you are shouting.

Voice your concerns. If you feel that inappropriate discussions are occurring on the list, contact the list administrator before it becomes a larger issue.

Approved October 28, 2014.



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