Project Selection

Members of CAUL-CBUA, individually and as a collective, encourage innovation, the development of new or modification of existing tools and technologies, and the promotion of successful innovations and best practices.  To this end, CAUL-CBUA will seek out projects and innovations that are deemed a significant real or potential benefit to the members and that require collective funding and support.  Projects may be new or joint initiatives with other organizations. The selection of projects and innovations shall be guided by the following criteria:

Criteria for selection of projects / innovations:

  1. The project/innovation shall benefit the majority of Members and their institutions
  2. It will enhance, or enhance access to, collections and services
  3. The project will be screened for any conflict of interest issues. If conflicts exist, the project may proceed, as long as the Conflict of Interest Procedures are followed.
  4. It will not contravene any existing CAUL-CBUA contractual or licensing arrangements
  5. Preference will be given to projects that enhance the ability of Members and their institutions to collaborate or act as a cooperative

Conditions governing the funding / accountability:

  1. Preference shall be given to projects and initiatives which originate in and are conducted by or through Member institutions
  2. Projects shall include a clear statement of project goals, outcome measures, and funding needs.
  3. Progress reports will be required quarterly to coincide with CAUL-CBUA Board meetings
  4. There is no limit to the number of projects in which CAUL-CBUA may participate at any one time as long as sufficient funds are available and approval is obtained from the Members through standard voting procedures
  5. Projects are eligible for multi-year funding up to a maximum of three years
  6. On any project the CAUL-CBUA Executive shall appoint two Members to ensure CAUL-CBUA’s interests are served and that project objectives are being met
  7. Decisions to fund projects are at the complete discretion of the CAUL-CBUA Board
  8. Project funding may be discontinued without cause, normally with 90 days’ notice. A decision to discontinue funding shall be obtained from the Members through standard voting procedures

Conflict of Interest Procedures

A conflict of interest is a circumstance whereby the personal or professional interests of a Board member would benefit from a decision made by the Board.  If a member of the Board is in a position of conflict of interest they need to recuse themselves from voting and sometimes from discussion.  The Chair of the Board may request that the Board member leave the room when discussion and voting is taking place.

Approved May 2012