Sponsorship Policy

Statement of Purpose

This policy is designed to establish processes and provide guidance to CAUL-CBUA governance bodies, committees, and working groups that engage in:

  • sponsorship by CAUL-CBUA of events or activities, or
  • solicitation of sponsorships from external organizations in support of CAUL-CBUA events or activities.

This policy shall guide sponsorship throughout CAUL-CBUA, regardless of the financial value of the sponsorship.

Sponsorship will benefit CAUL-CBUA members when conducted in a manner consistent with CAUL-CBUA’s mission, values, and key priorities. As a non-profit public institution, the protection of the reputation, assets, and image of CAUL-CBUA is imperative.


Sponsorship is defined as a mutually beneficial exchange, arranged in advance, whereby the sponsor receives value in return for cash or goods or services in-kind.  Sponsorships are usually considered business expenses and are not subject to GST or HST.  They are not charitable donations that are eligible for tax receipts.

This policy is designed to be mindful of the Association’s status as a non-profit organization under the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act.  Other provincial and federal legislation may also apply.


The CAUL-CBUA Executive Director is authorized to administer this policy.  Policy questions and requests for approval or policy deviations should be directed to the Manager.


CAUL-CBUA as Provider of Sponsorships

Evaluation Criteria

CAUL-CBUA traditionally acts as a sponsor for our regional library organization, the Atlantic Provinces Library Association (APLA), and when possible, also provides support for the national meetings of organizations (such as Access, ABC Copyright, and CRKN) when they meet in Atlantic Canada.  In exceptional circumstances, sponsorship opportunities that fall outside of the preceding evaluation criteria may be considered and approved.  Such opportunities require Board approval.

Approval Chain

The Executive Committee will receive reports from the CAUL-CBUA Executive Director regarding all sponsorship requests, and it will review such requests in light of the Council's mission, goals, policies, and best interests.  The Executive is the final approving body for all sponsorship requests, irrespective of the amount of the request.  Board members will be notified by the Executive Director after a decision is made.  This approval chain is in the case of exceptional circumstances as noted in the Evaluation Criteria section above, when Board approval is required.

Sponsorships shall not normally exceed $3,000, or equivalent value, if in-kind.

All decisions related to sponsorships must be made in consultation with the Treasurer and will be reported to the Board through the Treasurer’s Report at Board meetings.

Terms of Sponsorship Relationship

The CAUL-CBUA Executive Director is responsible for drafting and signing the formal written agreement or confirmation with the sponsor or designate setting out the terms of the sponsorship, including any recognition to be provided to the sponsor.


CAUL-CBUA as Solicitor of Sponsorships

CAUL-CBUA does not normally solicit sponsorships.  If a member would like to pursue sponsorship with a person or organization for CAUL-CBUA initiatives, the member must first consult with the CAUL-CBUA Executive Director, who will bring the request to the Executive for consideration and approval.

Evaluation Criteria

The Council will not accept sponsorships that:

  • reflect in a negative manner on CAUL-CBUA;
  • do not align with its mission statement; and/or
  • are not in the best interests of CAUL-CBUA as determined by the Executive Committee or Board.

CAUL-CBUA does not endorse, directly or by implication, any products or services. Accepting a sponsorship does not imply endorsement of products or services by CAUL-CBUA.  A sponsorship does not automatically imply any exclusive arrangement with CAUL-CBUA.  CAUL-CBUA retains control over any sponsored program or activity, and sponsors are not provided input into operational matters relating to a sponsored project.


CAUL-CBUA Executive Director

The CAUL-CBUA Executive Director will report all donations or offers of sponsorship to the Executive Committee.

The CAUL-CBUA Executive Director is responsible for drafting and signing the formal written agreement or confirmation with the sponsor or designate setting out the terms of the sponsorship, including any recognition to be provided to the sponsor.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for deciding whether donations or sponsorships will be solicited and/or accepted based on an assessment of the Consortia's mission, goals, policies, and best interests.


As the primary stakeholders of the consortium, members may identify possible opportunities for sponsorships to the CAUL-CBUA Executive Director.  Members are encouraged to express their opinions at any time to the CAUL-CBUA Executive Director regarding sponsorships which they feel do not meet the objectives of this policy.