Strategic Plan 2014-2016


This plan was developed after a planning session held at the University of Prince Edward Island campus on May 13, 2013. In attendance were most of the CAUL/CBUA Directors and representatives from CAUL/CBUA committees and working groups.
The plan has ten strategic goals set out in alphabetical order. This is an aspirational plan and as we progress and priorities change we will review the plan. The Executive and the Board, in consultation with committees, will determine priorities as opportunities arise or when it is appropriate to leverage existing resources or activities.


Strategic Goals and Priorities

At the February 2014 Board meeting three priorities were identified (bold)
  1. Collective Purchasing
  2. Communication
  3. Funding and Accountability
  4. Open Textbooks / Open Educational Resources
  5. Preservation and Digital Collections
  6. Professional Development
  7. Research Data Management
  8. Resource Sharing
  9. Scholarly Communication
  10. User Needs and Expectations



CAUL/CBUA supports member institutions in the provision of exceptional library services and resources to help our institutions achieve academic and scholarly excellence.



CAUL/CBUA enhances teaching, learning and research in Atlantic Canada through the provision of information resources, library resource sharing, preservation programs, and shared professional development.



We value creativity, collaboration, engagement and decisions based on best practices.



An important part of the organization are CAUL/CBUA working committees. 
  • Communications Committee
  • Copyright Committee
  • Digital Preservation and Stewardship Committee
  • Document Delivery Group
  • Scholarly Communications Committee
Each committee has Board representation. It is the Board that is responsible for ensuring the actions in this plan are implemented, but many of the initiatives will be done by CAUL/CBUA committees.
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