Committees and Working Groups are essential to CAAL-CBPA's success in aligning with our mission and goals. The committees explore and share resources that will inform members on a variety of issues. Working groups are defined term projects with specific deliverables.

There are currently 10 CAAL-CBPA Committees. A roster of current and past members of committees, in addition to CAAL-CBPA representatives to external Committees, is available here.

Contact the appropriate committee chair or Cynthia Holt, at, if you would like more information about any of the exciting committee projects.

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  • The Audit Committee assists the Board by reviewing and making recommendations regarding financial information and the internal audit processes.
  • The Board of Directors consists of each of the CAAL-CBPA member libraries' elected representative. The CAAL-CBPA Chair is currently Lesley Balcom, Dean of Libraries at the University of New Brunswick.

  • The Collaborative Research Grants Committee administers CAAL-CBPA's annual Collaborative Research Grants.

  • The Collections Committee focuses on advancing several of CAAL-CBPA’s strategic goals, particularly those related to Collective Purchasing, Preservation and Digital Collections, Professional Development, and Resource Sharing. The role of the Collections Committee is to provide support and expertise to the Manager and to each other regarding these goals.

  • The CAAL-CBPA Collections Committee Colleges Sub-Committee (CCSC) focuses on advancing several of CAAL-CBPA’s strategic goals.

  • The role of the Copyright Committee is to provide guidance and support to the CAAL-CBPA community on copyright issues and best practices, and offers research and advisory support to the Board of Directors in developing CAAL-CBPA copyright policy.

  • The role of the Digital Preservation and Stewardship Committee is to foster and advance digital preservation and stewardship among the members of CAAL-CBPA and to guide and enhance the capacity to undertake such preservation and stewardship in the Atlantic region.

  • The CAAL-CBPA Document Delivery Group (DDG) coordinates the shared document delivery/interlibrary loan services.


  • The Executive Committee consists of the CAAL-CBPA Chair, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, Past-Chair, and Treasurer.

  • The Indigenous Knowledge Committee (IKC) focuses on advancing several of CAAL-CBPA’s strategic goals, particularly those related to “2.0 Develop a comprehensive strategy across CAAL-CBPA to facilitate the actualization of the CFLA-FCAB TRC Report recommendations at member institutions”.

  • The Innovation Grant Committee administers CAAL-CBPA's annual Innovation Grant.

  • The OER Committee (OERC) focuses on advancing CAAL-CBPA’s strategic goals in relation to open educational resources.  The OER Committee coordinates CAAL-CBPA-wide activities relating to open educational resources.  The OERC identifies, analyzes, and facilitates OER innovations, strategies, and trends.  It proposes new OER initiatives to the CAAL-CBPA Executive Director as well as communicating with CAAL-CBPA member libraries regarding OER issues and developments.

  • The Resource Sharing Committee coordinates CAAL-CBPA-wide activities relating to ILL and document delivery.

  • The Scholarly Communications Committee provides support to the CAAL-CBPA community in open access and scholarly communications and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for supporting these activities.