Collaborative Research Grant Committee Terms of Reference

The Council of Atlantic University Libraries / Conseil des bibliothèques universitaires de l’Atlantique (CAUL-CBUA) Collaborative Research Grant is intended to support new or established librarians and staff working in a CAUL-CBUA member institution, who are, or aspire to be, actively engaged in collaborative research in areas relevant to the goals and objectives of CAUL-CBUA and its member libraries.

Mandate and Role
The Committee focuses on advancing CAUL-CBUA’s strategic goal related to Member Knowledge and Skills Development through its role in administering the CAUL-CBUA Collaborative Research Grants.

The Collaborative Research Grant Committee is created by and receives its authority from the CAUL-CBUA Board of Directors, as per section 7.3 of the CAUL-CBUA By-Laws. 

The Collaborative Research Grant Committee is composed of the CAUL-CBUA Past Chair, a CAUL-CBUA member-at-large, and a previous winner. In the event that no past winner is available to serve, a second member-at-large is appointed. The CAUL-CBUA Past Chair serves as committee chair. The CAUL-CBUA Executive Director sits on the committee ex-officio.

Term of Membership
The Past Chair serves a two (2) year term. The member-at-large and past winner serve one (1) year terms. The committee will be constituted annually at the Spring Board of Directors meeting.

The Collaborative Research Grant Committee:

  • Reviews grant submissions.
  • Awards the CAUL-CBUA Grants to suitable candidates.
  • Informs the CAUL-CBUA Executive Director of grant recipients so that the appropriate announcements and financial procedures can be executed.
  • Strives to provide research learning opportunities at the APLA conference annually.

The Collaborative Research Grant Committee meets in early November, annually, to review Collaborative Research Grant submissions. Committee meetings are normally held via teleconference.

The Collaborative Research Grant Committee reports grant recipients to the Board of Directors at the Fall Board Meeting. 

The Collaborative Research Grant Committee communicates using the CAUL-CBUA teleconference system and the CAUL-CBUA Collaborative Research Grant Committee mailing list,

Approved February 20, 2015; Revised August 6, 2019