2017 Research Grant Winners

The Council of Atlantic University Libraries / Conseil des bibliothèques universitaires de l’Atlantique (CAUL-CBUA) is pleased to announce the winners of its 2017 Collaborative Research and Innovation Grants Awards!

  • Robin Parker, Evidence Synthesis and Information Services Librarian, and Melissa Helwig, Research and Instruction Librarian, at Dalhousie University’s W.K. Kellogg Health Sciences Library, has been awarded $1,000 to help support their project, Impact of Research Consults: Develop and Implementation of Assessment Tool.
  • David H. Michels, Public Services Librarian, and Hannah Steeves, Instruction and Reference Librarian, at Dalhousie University’s Sir James Dunn Law Library, has been awarded $1,000 to help support their project, Inescapable Skills – Using Games to Improve Participation in Research Skills Retention Testing.

In their proposal, Robin and Melissa plan to contribute to the evidence base concerning individual research consultations conducted in academic libraries.  Their fundamental research question is “how do users apply the knowledge and skills shared in individual research consultations?” The project goal is to validate a research consult evaluation tool to learn more about the impact of research support services that can be shared and adapted by other CAUL-CBUA members.

In their proposal, David and Hannah plan to use a game format to gather data on student skills retention over the course of their Law School program.  They will use an adaption of the popular Escape Room, wherein student teams from all three years of the program will solve a series of research problems in order to “escape.” Observations of the escape room sessions could allow researchers to evaluate research skills.  Their fundamental research question is “can gamification improve participation in research skills retention testing in a law school environment?” with the goal to demonstrate the limitations and potential for the use of games to measure research skills retention.

The CAUL-CBUA Collaborative Research and Innovation Grant Award is intended to encourage collaborative research across the academic libraries in the region, proposing solutions to practical questions as well as projects which involve structured evidence-based research. We are pleased to continue offering support to researchers in the region and look forward to the results of these research projects.