Welcome Back!

Or if you're new to Saint Mary's, welcome to the Patrick Power Library (virtual edition).  We hope your summer was enjoyable, interesting, maybe even profitable.

We use this blog (and our Facebook page) to let people know what's going on here (libraries are changing rapidly these days and we're no exception) - new journals, books or databases, improvements to our services, changes to our hours, just about anything.

For example, even though this past summer was a relatively quiet one compared to the previous few years (construction of Atrium, renovations to the building), some things will look different. 

Our homepage has been refreshed and reorganized.  It has a new background photo and colour scheme and, more importantly, the middle and left-hand "windows" have been (we hope you'll agree) improved.  Of course, if you have any questions or need any help just ask at the Information Desk.

And if you're a frequenter of the second floor (with its quiet, "studious" atmosphere), you'll be glad to see that all of the old carpeting has been replaced with new carpet tile.  A nice space just got better.

So make sure you use the Library - its resources, its computers, its comfy chairs. Use it as a second home. Talk to the people who work here.  You'll be amazed at how much help they can be. Let them make your (academic) life a little easier.

And have a great year!

Saint Mary’s University