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Friday, April 30, 2021
Acadia University
Dalhousie University
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Mount Saint Vincent University
Saint Mary’s University
St. Francis Xavier University
Université de Moncton
University of New Brunswick
University of Prince Edward Island
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The Canadian Socio-Economic Information Management System (CANSIM) is Statistics Canada's key socioeconomic database. Updated daily, CANSIM provides fast and easy access to a large range of the latest statistics available in Canada. CANSIM comprises over 40 million time series and thousands of tables. CANSIM can be used to: 

  • Track trends,
  • Analyze market potential
  • Study economic activity
  • Make investment decisions
  • Evaluate social conditions
  • Conduct feasibility studies
  • Forecast economic conditions
  • Plan programs or services
  • Profile demographics. 

CANSIM @ CHASS features include: Most frequently retrieved series by Academia - Search by text, table number or time series number - Browse by subject, survey number, table titles and labels or by Statistics Canada's keywords classification for tables - Various download formats - Historical versions of CANSIM (available only at CHASS) - Bilingual

CANSIM @ CHASS is updated daily via a direct data feed from Statistics Canada.

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Monday, May 4, 2020